Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's been quite a while since I last update the blog.

Many things happened and we were all kept busy.

My dad's went for the heart valve replacement operations and it "managed" to succeed. Thanks to all the prayers from families and friends.
Hopefully he will be able to relax and enjoy life as he moves into his golden years.

Chinese New Year came and go. As usual, we need to do the ever tiring spring cleaning. This year my part time helper gone MIA. But luckily, I got a backup.. Mr Wee... (aka my hubby) who did almost 90% of the cleaning... LOL
I just sit back and shake leg... plus making sure that Little Lucas do not disturb his daddy when he is busying cleaning away... :D

At the same time, there's a piece of very sad news. I can't believe that this could happen within my circle of friends and it made me shivered when I received the news.
I can tell how much she yearn for a child but putting it on hold while her hubby build up his career. And when finally the chance came and the child was born, the poor little one was diagnose with DS. How devastating that could be to the parents!!

This made me ponder if no. 2 is really a wise choice for me...

Next to my little rascal.. only 4 words to describe the present him

Not as if he don't understand instructions, but he chose to disobey them.

You ask him to come to you, he will take his own sweet time, picking toys along the way before finally the ROAR came and he will start running over.

You ask him not to run, he will run even faster. You want to hold his hand, he says he will walk slowly. You ask him to walk, he wants to be carry!!

Urinated twice onto my bed when he knows he should tell us to bring him to the toilet & pee

Washing his toy car / motorbike with the water from the water feature in our living room when he knows he shouldn't be touching it at all.

Scream, shout and cry like nobody business when I bring him to his weekend enrichment classes when in fact he is attending 2 hours playgroup which my mum brings him to everyday without a single whine.

I hope this Terrible Two will really end soon. It's really a nightmare and I am turning into a witch!! Don't believe it?? Ask Mr Wee...

Friday, December 31, 2010

Hong Kong, Zhuhai & Macau Trip 2010

Finally my long awaited holiday by flight is here.
We went Hong Kong, Zhuhai & Macau. Though is just a short 6 days trip, but it's a great getaway.
Nice weather, great food, fantastic shopping and wonderful fun!!
My biggest worry was how to handle Lucas on the flight, but he was at his best behaviour.. Thank God!
Now I can plan more holidays.. wahahaha

Walking with Dinosaur

Brought Lucas & Ryan to this world acclaimed show, Walking with Dinosaurs.
This was initially a six-part documentary television mini-series that was produced by BBC. The live adaptation of the series was originated in Australia in Jan 2007 which later toured North America, Europe and now Asia starting off with Singapore.
Some pictures of the Dinosaurs to share. You may click here for more information of the show.
I am bad at remembering the names of the Dinosaurs, so some of them I really don't know their names :)






Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Outing to Singapore Flyer

We won the one for one flight to Singapore Flyer from McDonald's Monopoly Game, so we brought Lucas for a ride.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Bomb

Is with heavy heart that I am writing this entry.

My dad’s heart condition has taken for a worse. The valves around his heart are not functioning well which explains the series of chest pain he had been experiencing so frequently for the past 1 yr or so.

The only solution is to go for an operation. As Dad has kidney failure, operation would carry a higher risk than any other normal patient.
Without the operation, he would have to suffer frequent heart attack or stroke.
He has been in and out of NUH due to chest pain, stayed in Coronary Care Unit for so many times, so why wasn't there any sign to show the malfunction valve?
Why we know of this only when it reached the SEVERE stage (they comes in mild, moderate & server)? UNBELIEVABLE!!
But what's the point of asking why when it has already happened, they can't do anything to reverse the situation, can they?

This piece of news is a bomb for me. A 'un-timed' bomb. We don't know when will it explode and what will happen if it really does.

Dad met his first crisis when he was told that his kidney had totally failed and he needs to go on dialysis. He was devastated , I was with him. He was crying so helplessly.

His 2nd crisis was his heart bypass. Everyone in the family especially my mum was very worried, we prayed hard he could survive the ordeal. We stayed in the hospital all the while when the operation was going on. When out of the theater, my dad looked as if he just finished a war. Totally exhausted and tired!

Now we have the 3rd crisis, will we survive this again? I wonder...
Dad morale is low and he looked down, aged & in despair.

Daddy, be strong, we will be with you to overcome this just like the way we did previously. I prayed for your health and may you live as long as you can, Lucas would want to show you his 1st report card with flying colours.
As Jenson said, you as a Liverpool fan is a fighter! One who never give up easily!!

Love you Daddy!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I discovered Lucas's interest in Lego way back during CNY......... (sorry... just don't have time to update the blog... )
First he started with constructing a tall tower

Then he made this...

And this.. a building??

And then he made this.... he said this is Robot.. :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some Updates

Oops..It's been 2 months of missing in action.

Sorry guys, I was seriously busy with my new job. Though busy but happy as I had a bunch of helpful & friendly new colleagues. Most importantly, I am fully occupied and won't be spending that much time on FB games.. wahahahaha, which also means I have lesser time to update this blog.

Anyway, nothing much happen during the last 2 months, except that I sent Little Lucas for phonic enrichment classes now. Didn't continue with BJG, they are simply too expensive.

Will be posting updates on the artwork Little Lucas did in the class and also my long out-dated posting on how Little Lucas loves to play Lego

Monday, June 7, 2010

Malacca Getaway

This is the 2nd Getaway for this year.
We went to Malacca with another family and we had great fun
Yummy Food, beautiful hotel rooms, jammed roads all the way in Malacca and great fun travelling with the 3 little boys.
Little Lucas had lots of fun especially in the pool :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pacifier Free

It's official, Little Lucas is finally free from Pacifier. He kicked the habit without too much fuss.

It all happened during the so-not-common Little Lucas & Daddy time. (I was away for an interview). And somehow the pacifier got lost along the way and we didn't know where it was.

As we have the bad habit of giving Little Lucas his pacifier and Bao Bao (nickname for his little pillow) while in the car, he keeps asking for it when we were on our way to Marina Barrage for Kite Flying. I just kept repeating myself to him, 'it's gone remember, you misplace it just now and we could not find it.'

Initially I wanted to give him the extra pacifier that I kept at home, but I thought why not use this opportunity to help him kick the habit.
So that night I didn't offer him the pacifier and I told him it's gone for good and he is not going to have it back. He managed to get to sleep after a while .. though a little longer than usual.

It's almost close to a month and he did not get to see his dearest pacifier again.
Though at times he still ask for it, but when we told him it's gone, he will be settled.

In case you are wondering if Little Lucas sleeps in a cradle and yes he does. He sleeps in that when he is at my mum's place. We don't have one at home and so he sleeps on the bed with us.
So Little Lucas was brought up as a 'versatile' boy who can sleep both on bed & in the cradle.
I have to thank hubby for this as he was the one who didn't want to buy a cradle for our home.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Finally the Long Search has come to an end

After 3 months of searching, with over 100 applications sent, attended 10 interviews, I finally landed on a job of my choice.
At long last, I can stop browsing through the openings on JobsDB & Jobstreet. Tell you, it's not easy to search through jobs listing when there's almost about 100 openings advertise (both old and new) everyday.

With the job searching or even from my prior searching when I just got married, I learnt alot about how the potential employers thinks about us, the working mummies.

Interviewer: So when did you get married, any plans for kids (tell me will you get pregnant within 1 yr after we employ you)
Me: No, not so soon, no concrete plans yet.
Interviewer: I see.. but you never know. (hey.. accidents do happen!! Be careful!)

Interviewer: So how many kids do you have?
Me: 1
Interviewer: Who is taking care? (Better be your parents or in laws.. childcare means you cannot work OT)
Me: My mum.
Interviewer: That's good. (Can do lots of OT)

Interviewer: So are you prepare to work late or long hours given that you have a kid?
Me: Yes, mentally I am prepare. I feel that I was there for him for the past 2 years so now it's time for me to be more focus on my job and develop my career.
Interviewer: So you mean now you don't see the need to spend more time with your kid?
Me: Erh.. of course not, but I think it's time for him to get independent (is this what you like to hear???)

Interviewer: Any plans for the 2nd one? (tell me will you get pregnant within 1 yr after we employ you) (See it happens again even after you had 1 kid)
Me: No. (Very firm no)
Interviewer: Sure? Why not? (good, means no maternity leave in near future)

I find that potential employer out there are only looking for people with no family commitments. They simply need someone who can devote 100% of their energy to work (in lay man's term.. slog for the company).
Working mummies seems to be at a very disadvantage when it comes to this area.
So much for the government campaign of getting mummies to be back into the workforce..BOO!!!
Of course, mummies can always apply to work in statutory boards and government bodies which typically have small job scope and slower pace. Their working style and culture are a lot more different from the MNC which I used to work with.

But of course, down the road you will definitely meet someone who can form a good rapport with you and come in terms of your mindset & mentality and offer you a job.
Yes, that happens to me and I hope it's for real!!